Seasonal Wellness CSH Collaboration

This past Fall, we were fortunate enough to contribute a Botanica Apothecaria product to a good friend's Seasonal Wellness CSH (Community Supported Herbalism) seasonal herb box out of Sante Fe, NM. The theme of this season was Immune Health, so I made my take on the infamous Four Thieves Oil into a hand sanitizer spray. Have you heard the story of the Four Thieves? During the plague, a group of 4 thieves were looting the dead and dying of their prized possessions. When the King caught wind of it, he wanted these men captured so he could ask them why they didn't get sick as the they were robbing the ill. When they were finally arrested, the King asked for their "secret" in exchange for leniency. This recipe was written down and formulated into the Four Thieves Vinegar (in. Turns out the thieves were placing multiple aromatic herbs in the "nose" of their masks. As they breathed in the strongly antimicrobial herb blend, the aromatics of the herbs protected their own immune systems. What a fun collaboration!


Here is their Mission Statement:

Seasonal Wellness Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) was born out of a desire to empower folks to take ownership over their health and wellness through preventative herbal medicine. We wanted to create a venue for small herbal product makers to share their wares and wisdom about addressing the changing needs of the human body as it shifts through the seasons.

Inspired by the now popular Vegetable CSAs across the country, Community Supported Herbalism creates a symbiotic relationship between herbal product makers and CSH members.  Members buy shares that support herbalists by off-setting initial seasonal costs to grow herbs and make products, while receiving items each season share helps members strengthen their relationship with herbal medicine.

As the seasons change, so does the body’s need for allergy support, respiratory health, immune strength and overall resilience to our environment.  The Seasonal Wellness share is designed for folks who want to build their herbal pantry and gain a greater understanding of using medicinal herbal products.

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