Wild Rose Healing was founded by Clinical Herbalist and certified Reiki Master, Lina Watanabe, where she utilizes Traditional Western Herbalism and Reiki energy work modalities to help facilitate the client's own innate ability to support their own bodies to balance themselves and manage their dis-ease and stress. She is based in Portland, Oregon and is available for in-person or distance phone/video herbal consultations and Reiki.


The company namesake was chosen for so many reasons, but mostly of course due to the actions of the plant.  Here is a description of the Bach Wild Rose flower essence: It is said to help those to have a gradual “new interest in life and the joyful expectation of better things to come. They gain a new flexibility and inner freedom and are once again able to let the riches of life flow through them. In essence, they 'comes back to life'. The remedy helps reawaken our interest in life. In a positive Wild Rose state, we are happy-go-lucky. Instead of apathy we feel a sense of purpose that brings increased happiness and enjoyment.”

Lina Watanabe has always had a fondness for plants and animals as learned by her mother's example. However, she pursued a successful career in photography for 10 years before deciding to return her efforts back to the earth. When she learned that she could help the body restore itself with plants used in herbalism, she knew this was her new love for life. She then left everything behind on the east coast and moved to Seattle, Washington to attend Bastyr University gaining a Bachelor's of Science in Herbal Sciences. While there, she learned infinite information about herbs rooted in chemistry, botany, anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, herb/drug interactions, disease processes, and more!

With this new path came a long mission to support her own health with herbs and holistic therapies. She then realized she is an empathic healer and her pathway was then opened to energy work through dabbling with other related modalities; which eventually led her to practicing Reiki on people and animals. If these modalities could help her, they need to be shared with others! After realizing the magic of holistic medicine, a focus to help others arose. Due to her unique medical/scientific education background and understanding of body systems/pathways; this enhances her ability to suggest specific herbs and work through blocked energy and hone in on specific areas that others may not. Lina has studied under many great teachers in a wide range of eclectic holistic subjects; to see more of her credentials, please click here. She has been working in various aspects of the holistic healing arts industry since 2011 and has a passion for learning and helping others on their journeys.

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